Even before going to the dermatologist to have a heavy and often abrasive treatment for the skin, and if you tried alternative solutions to fight acne? Cosmo takes stock of 4 options to test (almost all at home) before having a medical prescription against acne.

Alternative solution against the treatment of acne: Coconut oil

Often, and it is a mistake when you have acne, you use cleaners that are usually too abrasive, when in fact, a simple and natural alternative can leave the skin clean and in better “health”.

And the magic ingredient is none other than coconut oil (which everyone has been tearing away since we know its benefits).

Since it is necessary to fight evil with evil, applying a very greasy care to an already oily skin is – contrary to what one thinks – a very good thing.
The antibacterial qualities of coconut oil are pure happiness to treat and rebalance acne prone skin.

In contrast to foaming cleansers that aggravate and alter the quality of the skin, while encouraging the production of sebum.

Skin cleansing at a dermatome

No, this is not a simple skin cleansing with a foaming treatment.

The skin cleansing, when performed in the dermatologist is fundamentally different.

Once your acne is diagnosed, with gloved hands (for a question of hygiene you will have understood), dermato “attacks” the buttons with fine needles.
It makes micro-incisions of the skin to extract the microcysts and get rid of blackheads or whiteheads.

And if it is well done, the cleansing of skin in the dermato can prove to be a beneficial treatment to say definitively goodbye to its acne

Retinol against acne

Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that is now considered one of the best fighters against the sign of age.
It is therefore found in many anti-wrinkle creams.

But we also know that retinol is an alternative to conventional acne treatments.
This is why many cosmetics “anti-imperfections” contain.

Retinol has 3 main virtues:

  • – unclog the pores of the skin,
  • – alleviate acne scars,
  • – fight against the signs of aging of the skin.

But before choosing a care that contains retinol, ask a doctor for advice to avoid inconvenience.

Warning: if you are pregnant or have sensitive/reactive skin, avoid retinol.

Silver-based treatments to say goodbye to acne

Silver has been exploited for its antibacterial properties for centuries, and even today!

Recent research from Boston University has claimed that adding silver in acne treatments increases their effectiveness, and sometimes up to 1000 times.

The properties of silver help fight skin infections, burns, and other skin infections.
It is therefore effective in the treatment of acne and in addition, it does not dry the skin.

So if you already have everything to try to fight acne, think about these eventualities.
And of course, before choosing your side, seek advice from a health professional.